Jere "Jet" Landis

Jere was born in Germany on July 17, 1990. He grew up in Pennsylvania until 2003 when he moved with his parents to Rincon. He attended high school at South Effingham. He had several passions, and two that were chief among them were soccer and motorcycles.

Being so different made him so very special. He was a loved and cherished son, husband, brother, uncle, and friend. If you knew him, chances were very high that you liked him. He was very much his own man. His motto was "I do what I want", and he was relentless at everything he did.

During the soccer season of 2016, Jere was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins B-cell Lymphoma. He underwent aggressive treatment including a bone marrow transplant, but unfortunately lost his battle on May 20, 2017.


Jere was an avid rider of sport motorcycles. He started with a 2009 Yamaha FZ6R. After about a year he graduated up to a lime green Kawasaki ZX9. He learned to ride his first wheelie on that bike. But realized that his daring nature and that powerful bike were not the ideal match. So he then moved to black and charcoal Yamaha YZF-R6. He loved that bike and it fit him well. It was his close knit riding partners that dubbed him with the nickname "Jet", because he worked at the airport and often flew like a jet on that R6.


Jere played soccer throughout high school for the South Effingham Mustangs. He had a passion for the game and loved being on the field. Often when he got inside the 18 yard box, defenders and the goalie would swarm around him, players would fall (including Jere), there would be a cloud of dust, and the ball would come rolling out of the cloud and into the net. Jere had scored another goal.

After high school he played in local recreation leagues. He found his way into the Savannah Soccer league where he formed his own team with some friends. It was a coed team that, when it started, was not very good. So he dubbed the team "Only and If", saying that "only and if we could score more goals...." or "only and if we were better at defense..." After his passing the team was renamed to Jere's Juggernauts.

He played on as many as 4 teams at once in some seasons, made lots of new friends, gained the respect of many players, and is deeply missed by those who played with and against him.